Premium matcha Super Power Green Tea

What is matcha

Matcha is a super hero amongst teas. 100% green tea leaves from Japan - essentially a super power green tea containing natural green tea flavonoids (catechins). Drinking matcha can be like drinking 10 cups of regular green tea for its nutrient value - that's why we call it super power green POW!

Matcha production

You can buy lots of green tea powders for cooking and drinking but genuine matcha comes from Japan and is produced in a very special way. Matcha green tea bushes are grown under lots of shade which boosts their chlorophyll content (that’s the bright green stuff that contains all the nutrients).

The leaves are then handpicked and all the stems and veins are removed leaving only the juiciest, nutrient-rich leaves. The leaves are ground by granite stones to a super fine powder.

When you drink regular green tea, you throw away the leaves afterwards, which is a bit like boiling spinach, throwing away the spinach and just drinking the water – you will get some of the nutrients, but you’re throwing away the best bit. With Matcha, you mix the vibrant- green, nutrient-rich powder into liquid and ingest the whole tea leaf. So, you’re consuming every little bit of that lovely green good stuff.

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Matcha benefits

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  • high in green tea flavonoids

    high in green tea flavonoids

    Matcha contains lots of green tea flavonoids know as catechins. It contains the EGCS catechin to be precise, which research shows has an antioxidants effect on the body.

  • slow release energy

    slow release energy

    Like all green tea, matcha naturally contains caffeine. This works together with to l-theanine to give you a slow release of energy for 4-6 hours. Bye bye afternoon slumps.

  • brain power

    brain power

    Matcha contains the amino acid. l-theanine. Lots of research has been conducted in to how l-theanine can promote alpha brain waves which help with concentration and alertness. That must be why Buddhist monks drink it to help with meditation!

  • calorie burning

    calorie burning

    Scientific studies are looking at the effect green tea may have on the body's thermogenesis ( the rate it burns calories) and its impact on fat oxidisation during exercise. Green tea extract is now used in many slimming supplements. Matcha is probably the purest and most natural form of green tea extract, and lovely to drink too.

  • healthy skin

    healthy skin

    Green tea contains polyphenols - this may not mean much to you and us, but researchers have found that consuming green tea polyphenols can inhibit UV-radiation-induced skin damage, helping to keep your skin looking younger. Result!

  • shop the matcha range!

    shop the matcha range!

What makes teapigs the best

  • teapigs organic matcha is premium grade

    teapigs organic matcha is premium grade

    Matcha can be produced in different grades - some are premium (top quality and nutrient rich), whilst others are poorer grades and contain fewer nutrients.

  • juicy leaf only

    juicy leaf only

    Some types of matcha contain the stems and veins, which can dilute the nutritional value and leave it tasting bitter. Our matcha has had the stems and veins rigorously removed - we like to stick to our guns when it comes to quality and flavour.

  • 3 layers of cover

    3 layers of cover

    teapigs organic matcha is grown with not one, with not 1, not 2, but 3 layers of cover. Not all matcha gets so much protection from the light, thus maximising the chlorophyll content.

  • lab tested

    lab tested

    teapigs organic matcha is put through lab testing to make sure it is perfect. We test everything from the particle size to the levels of nutrients, amino acids and catechins – so you know you're getting a great cup every time.

  • hand picked

    hand picked

    picked by hand by skilled workers ensures that only the young leaves and buds are used; this keeps the quality of matcha consistent.

  • organic


    The green tea used for teapigs matcha is 100% organic, and has been certified by IMO Switzerland (EU organic, USDA organic) and JONA (Japanese organic). Not all matcha products are certified.

Drinking matcha

There are lots of ways to get your matcha fix. You just need ½ teaspoon of matcha to get all its super powers. Matcha is traditionally drunk as a hot tea, whisked into hot water but because it’s a powder, you can whisk it into juices or smoothies, you can drink it as a latte (almond milk is our favourite) and even add it to fruit juices or smoothies.

For more matcha recipes — click here

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We’ve answered your most frequently asked matcha questions.

How much caffeine is in matcha?

There is approximately 30mg of per 1g serving of matcha. A regular cup of coffee typically contains 70-75mg of caffeine.

Can you reassure me about the safety of your matcha?

We are aware that some of you may be concerned about the sourcing of our matcha since the tragic earthquake disaster in March 2011. The Nishio region is over 600km South of Fukashima and, as well as strict testing by the Japanese Authorities before it leaves the country, our matcha is tested twice more for radiation levels before it reaches our shelves.

Can I drink matcha whilst pregnant?

Matcha does contain caffeine which is usually limited during pregnancy. One serving of matcha contains 30mg of caffeine and by comparison a regular cup of coffee contains 70-75 mg. If you have any concerns please consult your doctor.

Can I drink matcha more than once a day?

We recommend you only drink matcha once a day as one serving provides you with a sustained energy boost and lots of antioxidants. You can drink it more than once if you like but if you have any concerns about how much tea you can drink, please ask your doctor.

Can I add matcha to other teas?

We wouldn’t recommend you adding matcha to any other teas – only because it would not taste very nice at all! You can add matcha to hot water, hot milk, cereal, porridge, yoghurt and smoothies… just not tea or coffee.

Can I add matcha to coffee?

We wouldn’t recommend you adding matcha to coffee – it wouldn’t taste very nice. If you want to make a matcha latte just add ½ a teaspoon of matcha to an inch of hot water, whisk until smooth and top up with hot frothy milk. Add honey or sugar to sweeten if required! It’s a good alternative to having a coffee latte because matcha gives you a slow release of energy for 4-6 hours rather than the rush of energy (followed by a crash) that you tend to get with coffee. We love how green it looks too.

How long will a tin of matcha last?

One tin has 30 servings, so it’ll conveniently last you one whole month if you take it once a day - which is what we recommend.

How long does matcha last in the fridge once it's been opened?

Matcha doesn't go 'off', similar to a vegetable it will lose it's nutritional value over time. Be sure to keep it in the fridge after opening!


the #matchachallenge

Every January over 1000 people take the teapigs matcha challenge; to drink matcha every day for 2 weeks and see how great it can make you feel. The results are amazing! All you have to do is buy some matcha and take it every day. After 2 weeks, we’ll send you a link to a survey so you can tell us how you got on. What’s more, when you complete the survey, you’ll be entered in to a prize draw to win a year’s supply of matcha and 20% off your next order. POW!

daily prizes

Throughout January we’ll be giving away daily prizes for our favourite matcha snaps on twitter, facebook and Instagram. Be sure to use the tags @teapigs and #matchachallenge with your matcha creations. 

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