Rooibos crème caramel

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Scrumptious, this tea has it all - rooibos is naturally caffeine free, contains flavonoids and as hydrating as water. The chunks of caramel make it a sweet, rich, comforting drink to rival any dessert but a cup contains 2 calories. We can't guarantee all temples contain caramel chunks but If you do get all 15 full of chunks, you've really hit the sweetness jackpot!

Louise Says

how does it taste?

Woody, nutty rooibos balanced with sweet crème caramel for an indulgent, smooth, rich drink.

good if you're feeling

In need of a sugar fix, but you can’t be bothered to walk to the supermarket for some ice cream. This is better for you in every way.

How we like it

Drink with milk, or a maybe a spoonful of crème fraîche.

Just cover one tea temple with boiling water and infuse for 3 minutes. Remove temple and top-up glass with iced water.

Brew Time

  • tea temple - 1 per person. Infuse in boiling water. Brew for 3+ minutes.

Whole leaves take longer to brew, but the little wait is definitely worth it.

  • Boiling Water
    Boiling Water
  • Brew for 3+ minutes
    Brew for 3+ minutes
  • Caffeine free
    Caffeine free
  • Calories 1
    1 calories per cup
  • what is in it?

    rooibos, caramel pieces (condensed skimmed milk, sugar, glucose syrup, butter, humectant: sorbitol, emulsifier: mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids) (5%), natural flavouring

  • nutritional content per 100ml

    • 1 kcal
    • trace sugar
    • 0 fat
    • trace carbohydrate
  • Allergens

    suitable for vegetarians, contains soy. Gluten free. Made in a factory that handles nuts.

Customer Reviews

* * * * * (69)

Delicious with or without caramel chunks

* * * * * by Ariella Keen • 27th September 2019

“I bought a 15 pack without reading reviews. Then regretted it when I saw no caramel and got At first the lack of caramel deterred me and I didn't drink it. But I love rooibos teas and I owned it, so might as well drink it. And now it is definitely one of my favorite teas. It really is a nice smooth creme tea. I usually add a few drops of monkfruit sweetener and a splash of cream and it is heavenly. Very luxurious at the end of a long day.”

Nice rooibos, which is more accurate than rooibos caramel

* * - - - by Amanda • 24th March 2016

“Basically what the headline of my review says. This is a pretty nice rooibos tea. Rooibos and caramel? Not so much.

I wish I had read the reviews first, but as is mentioned in previous reviews, I bought a sample pack of this, and there was absolutely NO caramel pieces. I inspected the bag because I was curious as to what the caramel pieces would look like, but couldn't find any. Didn't think it mattered, but apparently, it must, because I'm not getting any caramel flavor at all. Looking at my remaining temple shows me there's no caramel pieces. Also bought a second pack to give as a gift, and decided to open it to see if there is caramel inside and there's none... so it's pretty disappointing, four bags and not one piece of caramel... feels a bit like false advertising, especially since this is an issue customers seem to have mentioned before, several times, but nothing has been done to resolve it. If this was just sold as plain rooibos tea, I would have given it three, maybe four stars. But since it's advertised as caramel, and there basically is none, I can't rate it higher.”


* * * * - by Lizzy R-E • 9th April 2015

“Unlike the Peppermint Licorice tea this one has just the right amount of sweetness, it doesn't come up and smack you on the head. Some temples have a stronger caramel flavor, others are that wonderful smooth bit of rooibos as the overall flavor. Perfect for curling up during a winter storm in the evening”

excellent for a guilt free dessert

* * * * * by Kristen • 2nd April 2015

“I love the smoothness and sweetness of this tea - I put in a little cinnamon, honey, and milk and it satisfies any sweet cravings I have.”


* * * * * by Penny Bell • 20th January 2014

“Oh my goodness, this is amazing! After reading the mixed reviews of this tea, I just ordered a 2-pack, more out of curiosity really as I don't actually drink rooibos. I just tried my first one and it might have been pot luck but it was extremely caramel'y and really delicious! With just a splash of milk its like a guilt-free pudding in a mug - brilliant. I'll definitely be ordering a full-size and will be raving about this to my friends!”

Rooibos Crème Caramel: Reviewed

* * * * - by Owen Roberts • 14th January 2014

“Rooibos crème caramel is a solid desert tea offering from the good folks at teapigs.

On eye, you'll notice the tea is ground more finely than that of most of teapigs' selection, fortunately this doesn't detract from the flavour of the tea, on a *very* minor note however, it will mean some rooibos strands will find there way out of the tea temples and will leave mid-infusion and gather at the bottom of your mug of choice.

The tea once infused is a lovely dark amber/maple colour and on the nose I picked up the aromas of roasted almonds, honey and caramel.

On taste I found myself picking up on a full bodied Rooibos with a short but sweet nectar finish, along with but to a lesser extent the flavours found on the nose.

If you found yourself trying straight Rooibos tea and want something with added natural sweetness, or just something a little bit more without diminishing the straight Rooibos taste, I'd recommend you give this tea a go.

Interestingly, some tea temples contain caramel chunks and some do not. As you might assume the ones with the chunks are slightly sweeter, however a side by side (or cup by cup) comparison made me realise there wasn't a whole lot of difference between the two flavour-wise, so don't be disappointed if your first temple out of the bag is chunk-free.

This tea would work very well after a meal instead of a desert.”


* - - - - by Sarah • 29th August 2013

“After having most of the 15 pack I ordered I am still waiting for a bag that has at least a hint of caramel in. I am disappointed that I have not been able to taste any caramel at all in any of the tea. Maybe I just got a dodgy pack but I will not be purchasing these again :(”

Great when there is caramel...

* * * - - by Sherri • 4th May 2013

“This tea is amazing when there are actual caramel pieces in the bags, but the ratio of rooibos to caramel is so bad that some bags are just 100% rooibos tea, while some have caramel in them. Those that actually do contain caramel either have a very small amount, but the ones that actually had a few pieces brewed a delicious tea.
I would rate this tea a 5/5 if the caramel was evenly distributed and repurchase, but until then i will stick with plain rooibos tea, which is much cheaper but still has the same great taste.

P.S: please list the ingredients that the caramel is made of please, don't want any sneeky glucose syrup nastiness.”


* * * * * by Heather • 15th March 2013

“This is my favourite tea pigs so far! I ordered a few to try and I will definitely order a whole box asap!”

Not to my taste

* - - - - by Nadia Porter • 26th February 2013

“I tried this without sugar and milk, and then with some sugar, and then with milk and three tsps of raw sugar, and I just can't like it. It doesn't remind me of caramel at all, unfortunately. Won't deter me from trying other kinds of tea, though!”

Yummy Tea

* * * * * by trishbashton • 20th February 2013

“I gave up smoking in last July and found myself drinking loads of herbal tea since I work from home. I heard about Teapigs from a friend and bought this as well as a selection. It makes me feel all warm and cosy inside. I don't buy any other brand but Teapigs now. This tea is to die for. My mum is now a convert and we often chat about our different Teapigs! Teapig, bringing families together.”

Mmmmm delicious

* * * * * by Ramona O'Neil • 24th January 2013

“This really is a dessert in a cup. I had this last night after dinner and my daughter asked me if I wanted a brownie but to my surprise I didn't; I was so satisfied by the cup of Creme Caramel that there was no need for any other sweets. (And believe me, I usually eat anything chocolate-y)
I appreciate the clean flavour of teapigs teas. My only complain is, that this tea is neither available in a 50 temple pack nor as loose tea.”

Rooibos crème caramel

* * * * * by PippaB • 8th January 2013

“I am normally a coffee drinker but this is the best tea that I have ever tried. I find most tea's have an overbaring fragrance and a bitter aftertaste, but this is amazingly subtle while the flavour and texture is rich and creamy it leaves a delicious caramel after taste. Thank you Teapigs, I will be purchasing some more very soon :)”

A Fantastic Winter Warmer

* * * * * by Jessica • 6th December 2012

“Perfect. A lovely touch of caramel with the warming vanilla-y after-taste of a good rooibos. This is ideal for a winter afternoon.”

rooibos creme caramel

* * * * * by Pam • 4th December 2012

“I have drunk rooibos tea for several
years but rooibos creme caramel is so much better. The hint of sweetness is just right and no milk needed. Really healthy.”

rooibos caramel tea

* * * * - by emma walker • 10th November 2012

“I've always been sceptical of fruit teas etc they always smell delicious but taste often quite different. I was really impressed with this one and will definately be buying this in future it was tasty and really refreshing.”

Could drink this forever!

* * * * * by Alice • 22nd September 2012

“I drink a LOT of tea and I can honestly say this is my favourite! It's just perfect, it smells and tastes amazing.”


* * * * * by Sally Miller • 7th September 2012

“I love this and personally think it’s got just the right amount of sweetness without it being too sweet. I drink it as and evening cuppa and it feels like a healthy treat.”

I didn't like this at all

* - - - - by kate • 28th August 2012

“I can't really explain why I disliked this tea so much as I love the individual ingredients. The smell was repellent (and I don't exaggerate here) and it tasted more like raisins or a similar sweet dried fruit than caramel. I couldn't even sit in the room with the cup after I'd decided not to drink it as the smell was so bad. Strange, because I usually like everything I try to eat and drink.”


* * * * - by Philippa • 23rd August 2012

“This tea is lovely. The taste is sweet and smooth, not sickly. I like to have it in the evenings when I'm trying to stay away from wine!”

Best tea ever

* * * * * by Missy • 30th July 2012

“Best caffeine free caramel tea ever. Sweet, smooth caramel taste, no sugar needed. I add a splash of vanilla-caramel coffee creamer and it is amazing. I wish I could have the smell in a candle to make it longer lasting! Totally divine... I plan to buy many many more of the 15pk boxes. Thank you so much teapigs, please never stop making this!”

Creme of the crop

* * * * * by Darren Holloway • 30th July 2012

“Makes a lovely late evening drink when milk added. Again, like the Chocolate flake, not sickly-sweet at all. Really good balance of subtle sweetness and the nutty rooibos. Perfect as the last cuppa before bed.”

Lovely Evening Treat

* * * * - by Becky • 24th July 2012

“I got some of this tea in my Mix 'n' Match pack - must admit I was a little dubious, but was feeling adventurous and so tried this last night. It's got a really lovely deep flavour - much better quality than you get in standard supermarket tea. The caramel is very subtle, but comes across pleasantly in the after-taste. As someone with a sweet tooth, I feel it could almost have done with a touch more sweet caramelly flavour, but can see that the average person might disagree!! I preferred it with a dash of milk, which seemed to soften the flavours to give a delicious, warming drink which helped me relax and prevented me heading for the biscuit tin later in the evening! A great tea!”

Lovely, original drink, great taste

* * * * * by Sarah Tilley • 12th July 2012

“This has become one of my Teapigs favourites. This is such a relaxing drink- I let it brew for a few minutes and then enjoy with milk. Its caffeine free so great to enjoy before bed and I love the sweet caramel flavour. Well done Teapigs, this is really lovely.”

a shame

* - - - - by Jenna Ash • 14th June 2012

“having read great reviews for this tea it was a shame when i received a bland tasting tea with produced little of what it promised. no great, even with milk.”

Sweet & scrumptious

* * * * - by Gus Murdoch • 8th June 2012

“I have not tried this with milk, as it stands well on it's own merit.

I don't take sugar (wife does) but this suited us both perfectly, sweet enough for me not to be sickly, ..& sweet enough for the wife to not require a top up of the white stuff!

Naturally sweet & caramel scent / flavours come at you straight out of the box & continue (though less intensely) throughout the cuppa.
Makes for a lovely "desert" tea which hopefully should satisfy your sweetness cravings (perhaps even in lieu of a chocolate bar)!?
When in doubt this is what we reach for! ..very satisfying
If you do need to add sugar I recommend Vanilla pod sugar made from beet caster (silver-spoon) in order to lift the flavours more.”


* * * * * by Spencer Chappell • 10th May 2012

“Had a sample and was not a Rooibos fan in the past, then add a dash of milk the taste goes from poor to the most amazing taste .

I am now a Rooibos fan”


* * * * * by Ellie • 26th April 2012

“I have been looking for a "skinny" dessert for ages and I love this tea!”

Perfect pregnancy drink!

* * * * * by Rachel • 26th April 2012

“I love Redbush tea, and I got 2 of these free in my Joules clothes delivery and I love it. Its perfect that it is caffeine free f(or me and baby) and sooo tasty, with the sweet taste of the caramel! I will be buying throughout my pregnancy to save on the sweet treats and have a cup of this instead!
PS. Husband loves the Chai tea!”


* * * * - by   • 11th April 2012

“This was the first teapigs tea I tried. It smells lovely, very sweet and caramelly. The flavour is less sweet but I find that a dash of milk enhances the caramel flavour and it's a lovely drink to have before bed :o)”

Mmm lovely!

* * * * - by LYNDA SEBBAGE • 4th April 2012

“I was a bit doubtful about this flavour but it is really lovely - reasonably delicate, not sweet or sickly and good to have a change from the norm.”

Not for me!

* - - - - by Rebecca • 26th February 2012

“Smells really sickly and the taste is pretty weak compared to others I have tried. Wont be buying it again, dont think I can finish the cup!”

Best Rooibos tea ever!

* * * * * by Natalie • 16th January 2012

“I've been drinking Rooibos tea for quite a while now and thought the vanilla varieties I'd had were lovely, but this tea blows them out of the water! It's sweeter, tastier and more refreshing than any other Rooibos tea out there and now I've tried it I can never go back! Have recommended to so many people and it's a real hit!”

Absolutely lovely with a tweak!

* * * * * by Ashley McCulloch • 17th December 2011

“I received a bag of this as a sample in a recent order and was curious to try it! It smelled simply delicious and I gave it a quick sip after three minutes.

Now, I've been told I like things sweeter than most, so perhaps that's why I didn't find much sweetness or caramel taste to it originally. However, after adding a small splash of skimmed milk and the teeniest bit of stevia to it, it was simply glorious! The milk and stevia seem to greatly enhance the creamy caramel-ness and I simply love it! I've just ordered two boxes :)”


* * * * * by Carrie Benton • 12th December 2011

“This was the first teapigs tea I ever tried and I haven't stopped coming back since. With a dash of milk Skinny Dessert is deliciously smooth and creamy - I recommend trying it without sugar first even if you have a very sweet tooth because I find that sugar overpowers the delicate caramel flavour.”

normal rooibos 2/5. this is 4.5/5

* * * * - by margery nzerem • 20th November 2011

“First sip - disappointing. Second - oh yes I want more! I find most rooibis tasteless and bitter - this was lovely, smooth, full of taste.”

Addicted to this tea!

* * * * * by Natasha James • 19th October 2011

“Absolutely gorgeous tea! Easy to drink, smooth and sweet - but not too sweet. I have been drinking this daily for months now and I am still not fed up of it. In fact as soon as I am down to the last box, I am re-ordering to make sure I have a stock. It's well worth every penny.”

So Tasty!

* * * * * by • 24th June 2011

“This tea is by far my favourite teapigs tea. It's great if you're feeling like something sweet but dont want to snack, it's a lovely bedtime drink with milk, and there's naturally no caffeine in it. Have it with one or two sugars, if you're craving something really sweet. I didn't like Rooibos but I decided to give it a go because of the caramel - it really masks any odd taste of rooibos, but it has also made me more acquainted with the taste, and so I tried the Winter spices rooibos and also a non-teapigs Tetleys Vanilla rooibos.
Very happy with this tea - I've bought three boxes in the last month or so as I keep running out!”

Not quite sweet enough

* * * - - by • 3rd March 2011

“I was a little disappointed because although the tea tasted wonderful there was a distinct lack of caramel flavour. It smells and tastes wonderful but it would be nice if they ever improve the recipe to make it taste just a little more like caramel :)”

Smokes anyone?

* * - - - by • 14th December 2010

“I bought this tea to try, to have as a 'Skinny Dessert'. I allowed it to brew and added a dash of milk. It smells absolutely wonderful and on first taste, is sweet. However, I find it leaves a really strange taste in my mouth - almost like tobacco. I thought I might just have been imagining it, but my Mum tried it and agreed it's a smoky after taste which just doesn't appeal to me. Not my favourite, but 2 stars for the initial sweet taste.”


* * - - - by • 4th October 2010

“I was so excited by the glorious reviews and couldn't wait for the tea to arrive after enjoying the lovely Chamomile. I was disappointed.

The only delicious thing about this tea is the aroma which is caramacesque, buttery, warm and a bit naughty. Sadly the taste was just rooibos.

It's pleasant enough to sip and I may continue to buy it and learn to appreciate it, perhaps it is a victim of it's own hype!”

Amazing tea

* * * * * by • 11th September 2010

“This tea tastes so good! The caramel flavour is delicious, not too sweet. It will replace hot chocolate as my evening winter drink, that's for sure!”

Creme Caramel

* * * * * by • 1st September 2010

“I am a newcomer to Teapigs and not being a tea drinker it came as quite a shock to find just how good these are- Nice website, great delivery and nice people- just tell everybody.

Keith Payne

Now I order them in batches of 100- I only drink these now- try one They can be found in many South East Garden centres but not all sell them in the packet- so order online”


* * * * - by • 31st August 2010

“Not really keen on this tea. The caramel flavour is weak and the tea tastes a little bland, but thats just me. I am used to very strong flavours so unless the flavours are really strong I can not really taste them.

But I guess you should give it a go before you judge, as most of the other reviews are positive.”

Love this tea!!!!

* * * * * by • 5th July 2010

“This tea is really amazing, one of the nicest drinks I've ever had. The first thing you notice is the lovely colour, a rich red-brown. Then as you lift your cup to your lips you get the aroma. This tea has a huge aroma; warm and fruity. You get the caramel, but there is also a lovely plummy richness. Compared to the aroma, the flavour is relatively and pleasantly subtle, creamy plum and caramel; taste notes which are carried through to a lovely lingering aftertaste. I drink mine with skimmed milk, but it has a creaminess of its own. I have never tried rooibos before, just didn't fancy it, but I can't recommend the creme caramel rooibos too highly. Lovely!”


* * * * * by • 4th April 2010

“I'm loving this tea. So smooth and the smell is yummy! Just ordered some more...”

Absolutely Buonissimo!!!!

* * * * * by • 9th January 2010

“This is the best Rooibos tea I've ever tasted! I'm a huge fan now and I'm promoting it to all my Italian friends!!!”


* * * * * by • 9th January 2010

“This tea is a real treat - a smile in a cup!”

Sweet tooth? Then these caramel classics will make you melt...

* * * * * by • 1st January 2010

“Must confess to being a bit sceptical when I ordered this tea. But it's absolutely gorgeous, full of lovely caramel flavour. Not quite the same as diving into the remaining post-Christmas chocolates, but a good and much healthier substitute! It doesn't need a full three-minute brew, two is plenty in my view. First batch nearly gone, double quantities now on order...”

tainted water?

* - - - - by • 1st December 2009

“I love Teapigs Peppermint tea, really flavoursome and not just from the smell, but I found the Rooibos Creme Caramel a disappointment.
Maybe it's me but I couldnt really detect a flavour- smelt absolutely gorgeous tho!”

creme caramenl tea

* * * * * by • 17th November 2009

“bring back the loose tea!”

Thought I didn't like tea......

* * * * * by • 24th October 2009

“I have always detested 'traditional' tea and found the fruit/herbal teas in the supermarket always looked and sounded much better than they tasted (pretty pink berry colour/smell but just sooo watery). I was somewhat sceptical about this tea as a result - just how different could it possibly be?! - but incredibly pleasantly surprised when I tried it; it has a lovely smooth, buttery flavour without being overly sweet or cloying, just what you need for a little treat & much better for you than a cake or caramel latte (although just as delicious, if not more so). I'm now a total convert to Teapigs - I have bought the berry variety & chocolate flake next on the list to try.”

Em Johns

* * * * * by • 5th October 2009

“Wow ...... tea pigs tea is fantastic. I love teas but these teas are above all others. Thankyou for my samples i was given at lunch (BSA)on friday. When open my shop i will be testing these teas out on my customers. Thanks again x”

Do NOT pass this tea by!

* * * * * by • 1st September 2009

“I have absolutely, without a doubt, fallen head over heels in love with this tea. The sweet, subtle, decadent creme caramel flavour works perfectly in conjunction with the tea. Though this is quite sweet as far as tea goes, I find it perfect for any time of the day, especially if you find yourself reaching for the biscuit tin.”

Miss Hannah Smith

* * * * - by • 3rd June 2009

“Mmmm this tea smells absoloutely delicious.. it's heaven to smell really! The colour is also pleasant and the taste demure and delicate in that i can mainly taste the tea and not the caramel.”

caramelly goodness

* * * * - by • 7th May 2009

“I love this tea and wish it was available as a loose leaf as the bag feels a waste for 1 small cup. I drink far too much rooibos as a general rule and these are so good I have to ration myself to one a day and hide them from my husband or it will become a very expensive habit. I will be trying the rooibos and honeybush tea in the loose leaf and see how it compares.

It gets 5 for flavor, but a 4 for not being available as a loose leaf.”

Creme Caramel Tea

* * * * * by • 31st March 2009

“This is still my favourite but it's been nice to try new ones as well. As ever, the delivery service is second to none - well done !”

heaven in a mug

* * * * * by • 31st March 2009

“This tea is gold dust. I've been slimming and would find myself awake at night, hungry. Perfect solution,come downstairs and have a big mug of your creme caramel rooibos. It's like a delicious pudding only without the worry about calories or caffeine. I need this tea now, can't be without it. It's just so indulgent, a total treat. I have mine with a touch of splenda and a dash of milk. Bliss.”

So happy!

* * * * * by • 8th January 2009

“Just super! So lovely in the afternoon and happy to replace the chocolate with it. Believe me that is something that I never though would come out of my mouth!”

Yum yum

* * * * * by • 18th November 2008

“Following others reveiws I thought I would try this tea as I am currently trying to loose weight and thought it would be good as a dessert replacement. Whilst it's not 100% as good as a serving of sticky toffee pudding (what is?), it's a very good tide me over, and very yummy indeed. I am slightly addicted to it, serving it in a massive 3 x 'normal sized' mug, with just a teaspoon of milk. Its aroma is very inviting, the taste just pleasantly sweet. I was worried about the fact this is a rooibos tea, and that I wouldn't like it because of that, but if that is what is stopping you from trying it, don't, as it's fab and hasn't got a funny 'funny tea' taste or smell at all.”


* * * * * by • 28th March 2008

“It was astounding how smooth and delicious this tea was, it was sweet, but not too sweet.”


* * * * - by • 8th March 2008

“This is nice, and i think i prefer it the the honey bush rooibos. I like the sweetness and depth that the caramel adds. Good before bed, and i imagine children would probably like it too!”

Absolutely delicious!

* * * * * by • 27th February 2008

“In the tin/bag this tea smells beautifully of rich, creamy caramel. It's very strongly scented but don't let that dissuade you. Once brewed, this is a smooth, delicious drink with the perfect amount of sweet caramel flavouring. I like to drink Rooibos in the evening to unwind, but this is so delicious you can enjoy it whenever you want something sweet and decadent. Best with a splash of milk.”

Delightful Tea & Great Packaging!

* * * * * by • 16th October 2007

“Just purchased my second box of these - the teabags smell fab straight out the box - I've tasted tea like this before but I've decided the teapigs version is much better! Not as caramel-ly as I would have liked but still fab - I've started drinking these without milk and sugar although also nice with a tiny splash of milk and a sprinkling of sugar for a sweet treat! Definitely worth a try especially if you've not tried caramel-type tea before!”

Delicious with a detoxifying effect

* * * * * by • 10th July 2007

“This tea is my favourite...I guess I'm hooked on Caramel! The Rooibos gives it a detoxifying effect, making me drink more....~~~It is calming cravings for sweet products, and feels like it is flushing my system of toxins. I just need a caramel in every temple~~~”


* * * * * by • 22nd May 2007

“This is like a grown up trip to Willy Wonkas Tea Factory - who would have thought it - Caramel and Tea?!?! But whoever did is a genius! This tea is terrific! Scored highest in our little tea tasters poll.”


* * * * * by • 7th May 2007

“I have to say this tea is WONDERFUL i have a sweet tooth and the subtle creme caramel flavour is lovely, it's just devine with honey too. I had previously bought rooibos tea from the supermarket and it was disgusting, i've never tasted anything so horrible in my life - teapigs changed my mind on rooibos tea for the better well done you guys :-)”


* * * * * by • 1st March 2007

“Only a week ago did I receive my first shipment in London and already I've gifted two batches to friends in Canada! Three cheers for TeaPigs and their gorgeously guilt-free tea!”

Rooibos Creme Caramel

* * * * * by • 4th January 2007

“this tea is lovely in the afternoon, instead of heading to the biscuit tin have this. Also had 2 or 3 cups of this on new years day and hang over had dissappeared by the end of the last cup.”

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