premium organic matcha green tea 30g

super power green tea as a fine powder

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We like to think of it as a sort of superhero amongst teas, as it’s a super-concentrated green tea powder that’s packed with antioxidants and nutrients. teapigs matcha comes from the renowned Nishio region in Japan, where the tea leaves are grown under cover to produce lots of amino acids and chlorophyll (the bright green good stuff). The leaves are then dried and very slowly ground by granite to a very fine powder, which is then packed and sealed immediately, so as to lock in all the nutrients in. It’s been a ceremonial beverage drunk by Buddhist monks and royalty for over 900 years. But you needn’t feel foolish about the fact you’ve never heard of it before as, until now, virtually all matcha has been consumed within Japan.

Louise Says

how does it taste?

With water - like a super-power green tea brew.

With juice/milk - a hint of delicate green tea flavour.

good if you're feeling

Blobby and slobby - this super-power brew is the answer to all muffin-top, couch potato-related concerns.

How we like it

Every day - a shot a day is better than an apple at keeping the doc at bay.

Brew Time

Our way - the teapigs shot.  All you need is 1g (approx. 1/2 teaspoon) of matcha and approx. 30ml water/juice/milk. Put the matcha in a glass, cover with the liquid, whisk or stir rapidly. Knock it back - we use a hand-held electric whisk which comes as part of our matcha kit.

  • Water just off the boil - 80 degrees
    Water just off the boil - 80 degrees
  • Calories 3
  • what is in it?

     pure organic green tea leaves

  • nutritional content per 100ml

    • 3 kcal
    • 0 sugar
    • 0 fat
    • trace carbohydrate
  • Allergens

    dairy free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Made in a factory that handles nuts.

Customer Reviews

* * * * * (94)


* * * * * by Cory • 28th October 2016

“Freshest, richest flavor of all the matchas I've tried. Ordering more.”

Leukemia CLL

* * * * * by Annette Martin • 11th February 2016

“This is the best Green Tea I ever Tasted, besides my white blood count keeps going down. Which is a good thing and I may not need chemotherapy!!!!!”


* * * * * by Chelsea • 3rd April 2015

“Love this product! i drink it daily in 8oz of V8 fusion fruit juice, it gives me good energy all day. i would recommend it ti every as part of their daily wake up routine!”

Curious about matcha

* * * - - by Erica • 1st April 2015

“I've heard a lot about matcha. I'm a green tea lover but concerned whether matcha caffeine levels will affect my heart (heart attack survivor).”

Reply from teapigs, 2nd April 2015

"Hi Erica,
The caffeine in matcha works differently in the body because it's paired with two amino acids (theophylline and L-theanine), creating a longer, more stable boost of energy. It's a very healthful tea and caffeine levels aren't off the charts!"

I will be drinking this for the rest of my life!

* * * * * by Paige Guse • 20th March 2015

“First off, i love green tea, so Matcha tastes amazing to me and i just drink it with water.

I am a college student and am starting to train for my first half marathon and my mom got me this product because she read it was good for energy and metabolism. As a student, my sleep schedule is already messed up, but now i have been waking early to train. I take a shot before my workouts and so far, i have felt energized all day, i am amazed and surprised.
Not only that, but in just the first week, i have noticed that my skin is clearing!!! and maybe I'm imagining it, but i think my horrible dark circles under my eyes are lightening.

I just started, so who knows how this will affect me after a couple weeks, but as of right now, I really believe that i will continue to buy this, probably in bulk and taking it for the rest of life because i feel AMAZING!”

Possibly helps with giving up smoking

* * * * * by Karen • 12th January 2014

“Have been drinking matcha for a few weeks now. Firstly, it tastes vile. I really don't understand other people's comments such as earthy and grassy; that I wouldn't mind but it tastes and smells like seaweed water! However, I just mix mine up with a very small amount of boiling water, first mixing it up into a paste to reduce lumps and then adding a little more hot water and stirring well. I then top up the glass with apple juice and like magic, you cannot taste the matcha anymore! I can't really feel any effects such as increased energy but I gave up smoking last week and I am finding it amazingly easy compared to many failed previous attempts over the years. Could it be the matcha, who knows but I'm starting to feel pretty good!”

Tasty and good for you!!

* * * * * by Steffie Lambert • 4th January 2014

“Delicious additive to any yoghurt or juice (particularly apple). Great way to start the new year!”

Loving it!

* * * * * by Annita Pullinger • 1st January 2014

“I love green tea and I found this is the best for me!
This was the first time I have tried matcha and I am very impressed, I did not know what to expect when I made my order and was very surprised it was just a green powder, the taste and smell is a little strong but I did not mind this. Also find that it is better to use the whisk to mix the matcha otherwise you may find bits as you get to the end of your drink, I'm also loveing the beautiful green colour of the tea, I've only mixed with hot water but will be soon trying out some of the other ways of making a mactcha drink. Over all I am very happy with my new found tea and I will be buy more soon. loving it”

Great for bubble tea

* * * * * by Pim Robertson • 4th December 2013

“I love matcha green tea. Adding it to bubble tea is brilliant. Unfortunately it gets a bit expensive as bubble tea needs at least a tablespoon full.”

nice stirred into yoghurt!

* * * * * by toni • 3rd December 2013

“I really enjoy green tea, and drink lots of it, so thought I would advance into the world of matcha! I don't really enjoy drinking it, just don't like the taste, so instead I stir a spoonful into a flavoured yoghurt every day, therefore it goes down a treat, even though the yoghurt turns green!!”

At last

* * * * * by Joanne • 3rd December 2013

“I love tea and have tried many over the years, a friend gave me a sample of Matcha and all I can say is wow. Tried it with Juice and there wasn't a bad taste, I seen a difference in my weight and my energy levels straight away. Most importantly I suffer from IBS and have found a massive improvement in my health THANK YOU,”

Not wwhat I expected

* - - - - by Nicole Mitchelmore • 29th November 2013

“Made my first cup the 'traditional way' - with hot water and I couldn't get past the first sip because of the strong algae taste and smell which other people have mentioned.

I bought this based on the good reviews but wishing I had bought the sample first. I will give it another go as a shot with milk or fruit juice, maybe a little bit of sugar will help the medicine go down!”


* * * * - by Julie Mason • 16th November 2013

“I bought the sample of this to see what it tastes like and IF I could handle the taste daily (very fussy when it comes to teas). The taste isn't too bad (I was expecting it to be for some reason!) had my first sample before my trip to work one morning, defiantly felt more awake than after my daily morning coffee!

Only thing I can't stand is the smell. I think it reminds me of algae for some reason but that put me off a bit.

Overall I will be investing in a pot when I have spare income! Love that they have the samples to buy before!”

Amazing stuff, expensive but worth every penny

* * * * * by Bee Lopez • 26th September 2013

“I swear by it...This really is the superhero amongst teas! 137 times the antioxidants of standard green tea, 70 times the antioxidants of orange juice and 9 times beta carotene of spinach.... amazing stuff! really incredible product which makes me feel tons better and gives me lots of energy. Perfect for when you stop smoking as it is not only healthy and helps you clear toxins from your body quickly but also elevates your mood. It's not cheap at £23 - £25 for a tin but you only need to use half a tea spoon every day either with hot water (you drink it) or sprinkled on your breakfast or in a salad vinagrette. A tin lasts for 3 months which means it works out at less than 30p a day to feel amazing. After a week I noticed the difference and 3 months on from when I first tried it I can honestly say its one of the best things ever to exist.

Thanks for giving us this fabulous product.. love it!”

Matcha Me UP!

* * * * * by snub 2005 • 24th September 2013

“Best tasting green tea - clear refreshing taste best in the morning to wash away the cobwebs - highly rate this stuff for anyone into their green tea!

Massive thumbs up!”

Quite Tasty

* * * - - by Claire Scull • 3rd August 2013

“I've just had my first try of Matcha, got a free sample with an order, it is actually quite tasty. It tastes of good strong tea, nothing more, nothing less. I am going to order some and see how I get on.”


* * * * * by KH • 9th June 2013

“Matcha tea has taken me out of a 20 year brain fog and tiredness after having ME. A daily shot of Matcha along with a Proven adult probiotic capsule has alleviated the very uncomfortable symptoms of dyspepsia, so I now don't need or take any proton pump inhibitors (lanzoprazole) or tablets for nausea. I have recommended this to many
friends and bought as gifts for five friends, all have reported positive effects on their general health and individual ailments.”

It does what it says on the tin!

* * * * * by claire prior • 26th May 2013

“Reading all these reviews does make me chuckle. It tastes rank - there is no getting away from the fact. However taken as a shot every morning with some juice it is easily knock backable!! It REALLY does give you the energy boost and zing that puts a spring in your step. Not noticed any weight loss.”

not worth it

* - - - - by nick • 23rd May 2013

“this stuff isnt worth your time, says on the tin 'gives you a 4-6 hour boost' more like a taste of dung in your mouth for 4-6 hours, your better off saving your money and getting some organic green tea bags from the shop that you will feel the boost and will be kinder to your wallet”

love it!

* * * * * by Cherith Rogers • 14th May 2013

“Love good quality green tea, love matcha made with drinking yogurt, lovely and creamy and give a better boost that coffee! speaking as someone who is a bit of a coffee addict!”


* * * * * by REBECCA KNIGHT • 4th May 2013

“Matcha is great!- I have lost weight,skin has cleared up & I have endless energy!
Thank you to Matcha green tea-I either mix it with my probiotic drink or with my protein shake first thing in the morning.
So far it has helped me lose 7lbs in 3 weeks :)”

My first 30g

* * * * * by Martin Gilbert • 1st May 2013

“I have just about finished by first 30g of Matcha from teapigs and i want to share my results. I take a shot every morning with breakfast religiously. I tried adding it to coffee, milk etc but I find the direct route the best. So, energy, this has improved and has been more noticeable in week 3. Skin, I've always had a good skin regime but I was amazed that my skin is even more smoother (noticeable in week 3) and the bags/dark rings under my eyes have reduced (more noticeable in week 4). Body fat, this is a difficult one as I have a good diet and hit the gym 4 times a week and my body fat is low to start with. However, one thing I have noticed is I sweat more during my workouts. This is good. I'm that impressed so far I've just ordered the 80g to keep me stocked. Don't expect results immediately, stick with it and the benefits will come.”

Be careful, Japanese products are not safe

* - - - - by Prisca • 29th April 2013

“If you are concerned about your health, you'd better not drink any tea grown in Japan. Although the powder green tea imported by Teapigs is grown in the region that is not close to where the nuclear explosion happened, the impact of the explosion is massive and is still ongoing. Many Japanese people are migrating to other countries and numerous academic papers have pointed that the entire Island is hugely affected by the radioactive produced by the explosion. Japanese government is busy hiding the truth, it's officially forbidden that Japanese people measure the radioactive and publish the result on the internet.

The Fukushima nuclear disaster is expected to cause more harm than Chernobyl disaster. Teapigs should stop importing Japanese teas and start looking for suppliers in other countries.

(I drank Matcha when I did not know much about the seriousness of the Fukushima incident. In my experience, Matcha may not suit you, if you are sensitive to caffeine. Green tea caffeine is different from that of coffee, but can still cause headaches and other symptoms if you are not used to caffeinated drinks.)”

Too expensive but not the best quality

* * - - - by A • 24th April 2013

“I am a matcha fan.The quality is ok, just ok. Smell and taste not as good as the one I bought from a japanese food market in London, the Japanese one I bought is only £4.99 for 30g, and that is the product from Japan! but teapigs sell £25 for 30g, quality better?i don't think so.”

Amazing!! Worth every penny!

* * * * * by Hatz • 7th March 2013

“I was quite sceptical about trying this tea at first. I've had green tea in the past, but have never been a big fan of it and at £25 it is quite steep to the other competitive brands out there. I've always had a problem with feeling really tired and drained at work and coffee and berroca wasn't really helping much anymore, so knew i had to try something else. A friend recommended teapigs matcha and after reading many reviews on cheaper matcha brands, a lot of people were commenting that no one can beat the quality and taste of the teapigs brand, so I decided to give it a go. So far this is day three of me trying it, and OMG I feel the different already! I am much more alert then before and feel happier in myself too. This tea literally works miracles to help boost you. And the great news is, if you don't like drinking the same things everyday or not a fan of green tea or hot drinks, you can mix it with pretty much anything and it still tastes amazing. I have been mixing it with orange juice. So far this is my favourite product of 2013 and would recommend it to anyone. Thanks teapigs! :)”

Instant greatness

* * * * * by Philip chamberlain • 9th February 2013

“Love green tea, and the smell of this matcha is intoxicating, i do recommend doing the shot though as mixed this with my morning coffee, you know for the extra boost and the taste was, well, so please buy and please do the shot.”

Matcha tea

* * * * * by Susan Smith • 28th January 2013

“Beware! Do not drink Matcha late late at night! Matcha does exactly what it says on the box! We've been adding it to our daily fresh juices, soups and smoothies but recently thought we'd give ourselves an extra antioxidant boost in our late evening Teapigs cuppa - only to find ourselves still awake and alert in the early hours! Best drunk during the day when you need a little extra va va voom.”

Boosts energy-Elevates mood-suppresses appetite :)

* * * * - by Ioulia Fotiadou • 20th January 2013

“It's been 2 weeks I started drinking matcha tea every morning and I have to say I feel so much better!
I used to get really tired after few minutes at the gym but after consuming matcha I just can't stop:D What I really love about it is that it's absolutely natural and it doesn't come with the side effects of caffeine pills or similar products as I remain absolutely calm.
I also noticed that since I started drinking it I am always in a great mood:)
Last but not least, I can control my appetite and I started loosing weight that I gained during Christmas. (1,4kg in 2weeks)
I only wish it came in a bigger size too and better price.

P.S.: Tastes great when combined with honey.”

Love it!

* * * * * by Amy • 16th January 2013

“Once you try it you will be converted! it may take a little while to get used to the taste, I like it best with juice. It is a natural pick-me-up and I hardly every get ill, if you take it as soon as you get a tickle in your throat. I give it too my kids too in juice to keep them perky!...
If it's good enough for Buddhist monk's it's good enough for me ;)”

Life's little secrets

* * * * * by sgoodlett • 2nd December 2012

“I have sickle cell and very low on iron and always feeling sluggish and being a shift worker it doesn't help. Matcha has given me a huge boost, now on my 3 rd pot. I take it daily first thing with 1 freshly squeezed Orange juice and whisk away, quick shot and it has made my skin brighter, a lot more energy throughout the day and a tummy detox that stops that sluggish feeling. I have had a lot of compliments and I put that all down to my little pot of secret - well i do tell everyone eventually. Thanks a million. Can't put a price of feeling good. I LOVE Match and TeaPig for the magic tea.

Suriya Hampton Hill Middx”

More powerful than I expected...

* * * * * by Jem • 12th November 2012

“I bought the Matcha set in a desperate attempt to boost my energy levels as most days I was coming home from work and falling asleep on the sofa.

I have been drinking a shot every morning for the past 3 weeks or so and have noticed a dramatic improvement! It tastes great (I choose to mix with cloudy apple juice) and you can feel it getting to work almost instantly (although some of this may be psychosomatic - who cares?). Only downside is the price, but I'd still say it's worth it.”

Matcha latte

* * * * * by Terry • 4th November 2012

“I tried making matcha with water at first but didn't enjoy the taste, even though I enjoy green tea normally. Drinking a matcha shot was almost palatable as it was over fast - but a bit like drinking medicine for me. I've found that making a latte with it by whisking it into warm/hot milk is really tasty though and I really do enjoy it. A bit too soon to tell if there's any noticeable health benefits but I'll report back...”


* * * * - by Claire D'Arcy • 11th October 2012

“I bought this on a whim having never heard of it before and I admit I wasn't expecting much of a result. The colour was quite off-putting but even just mixed with water it has a lovely fresh cut grass smell and tastes like strong green tea so is completely unproblematic. My husband has tried sprinkling it on cereal and toast(!) and says it is un-noticeable to taste. Hard to be 100% sure but I would say I overall feel better, more alert, less sluggish in the afternoons and am even sleeping a little better. Definitely worth continuing with.”

Love it!

* * * * * by Angela Hanrahan • 27th September 2012

“Fabulous green colour, and no bitterness. The health benefits sound just amazing, I had to give this a try. So far I am very impressed.”


* * * * * by MEGAN THOMPSON GREEN • 17th September 2012

“wonder product. Tastes lovely with apple juice in the morning for a boost or in the afternoon. Great skin and nails too in the last month - must be down to this?”

The only way to start the day

* * * * * by Mark Leach • 17th September 2012

“Teapigs Matcha is now part of my daily routine. A lovely blast of umami first thing in the morning gets me moving like nothing else.”

Mighty Matcha

* * * * * by Pauline Caney • 13th September 2012

“Title says it all!!”

Best ever!

* * * * * by Eric abad • 8th September 2012

“This tea is the best! It taste right with anything. I start my day with a shot of pure matcha tea or i mix it with soya milk. It makes me feel good! Give it a shot! :)”


* * * * * by Victoria Taylor • 31st August 2012

“Have been really pleasantly surprised by matcha. I had it with cold water to begin with, but preferred it with hot water as it brings the flavour out more. It actually tastes really nice!”

Love it!

* * * * * by Premal • 13th August 2012

“This stuff is amazing! I've been drinking loose leaf green tea for a while so I thought i'd try the Matcha and I love it! I drink a bowl of it every morning, with my breakfast. Some people say it tastes like grass and it tastes weird but you adapt to it and learn to taste and smell the sweetness of it. You can really tell the difference within your self when you drink it. I have the bamboo whisk and spoon and a traditional tea bowl. All worth it!”

Quite surprised

* * * * * by Julie • 15th July 2012

“I wasn't expecting to like this, or see any real benefits either, but i'm quite surprised by it. I drink it with cold milk and I love the taste. I'd put off trying it due to the cost, but it's worth it. I've noticed more energy and a general calmer, more focused feeling. Great way to start the day!”

Wow, what a boost

* * * * * by Rhiannon • 11th July 2012

“This tea really does give me an energy boost. I think the taste is too strong so I add a TeaPig's peppermint tea bag and it's amazing :)”

Nicely surprised.......

* * * * * by Sharon Naylor • 6th July 2012

“I was prepared to hate the taste but determined to persevere for the health benefits. What a nice surprise - its really quite lovely and really gives a boost and sense of well being, and thats after only a few cups! Will continue to use regularly as an alternative to coffee in the mornings”


* * * * * by lisa • 3rd July 2012

“Ordered this at a cafe as recomended by the till worker- when it came it looked like a frothy pea soup- I was scared! Didnt need to be as it tasted really delicious, not 'bitty' in the slightest... just about to order myself a jar :-)”

matcha for better teenage skin

* * * * * by F Topping • 18th June 2012

“great for teenage skin - worked on my son where little else had any effect. Brilliant stuff”

:-) Matcha

* * * * * by Ellie • 29th May 2012

“I take my matcha with a little warm water and I whisk it well so it thickens with the air. That seems to enhance the taste and I really enjoy it every morning. I started on it 5 months ago for the anti oxidants. I feel better now than I have for years and I'm sure this is due in part to the matcha. I've lost some weight too, another matcha bonus :-).”

Good matcha

* * * * * by Katie Steward • 22nd May 2012

“One of the nicest matchas I've tried, easy on the digestion which is often a good indicator. I prefer to whisk it with cold milk as a kind of 'matcha frappe', a much more pleasant flavour this way and if I don't have my morning shot, I miss it!”

1 word, WOW...

* * * * * by Alan Turner • 11th March 2012

“i love this tea, i have it every morning and it keeps me feeling good. I would recommend anyone and everyone drinks this tea...
i also have a friend with Ulcerative Colitis. she says green tea helps, i have bought her a motcha tea kit and cant wait to see if it helps her.”

No more coffee!

* * * * * by Vanessa • 8th March 2012

“S'amazing stuff! I was hooked on the coffee to get me going and keep me going. Matcha seems to manage it all in one shot a day!!! I've been having it as soon as I wake up for the last few days and the boost is amazing. And it lasts! Glad I can finally break my dependence on coffee.”


* * * * * by Adrienne Williams • 27th February 2012

“I'd recommend this to anyone and do! it does seem like a gamble as it's not cheap but that's just the point. Quality costs.”


* * * * - by Rosie • 27th February 2012

“I tried matcha last year and found the taste awful and struggled to drink it but I am kept on and finished the tin. I was tempted to try it again with the January offer and found the taste is much better, I don't know if I had a bad batch before but I had to hold my nose to drink it and it never dissolved even with a whick but this time I can drink it like a cup of tea. It still does not fully dissolve but the taste is almost pleasant. I feel more alert fairly quickly after drinking it which is a big plus for me.”


* * * * * by Sam Eggleton • 23rd February 2012

“I have been taking it awhile now and depending on the day take 1-3 shots. Usually have it with juice but as I'm going away needed to try drinking it with water. I wouldn't say it was my favourite way of drinking it but it doesn't taste as bad as it smells in the water. Just like veg water. So phew can drink it on hols”

All hail the green wonder

* * * * * by Sam Eggleton • 9th February 2012

“Love this stuff not been taking it long but helps me with illness means I'm prone to fatigue,I also have no spleen so my immune system is pretty much non hoping with sustained use this will help with my immunity,energy and be beneficial against my smzl.”

excited to try

* * * * - by tiffany • 25th January 2012

“Just received my matcha and excited to give it a go starting tomorrow. I have a question- if you have matcha in the morning and meet a friend for coffee later, will the caffeine in the two make you jittery?”

Lives up to the hype!

* * * * * by Jess • 31st October 2011

“I bought matcha tea after reading the rave reviews on this website - I'll freely admit that I wasn't expecting it to live up to the hype!

However after doing a daily shot of matcha, I've found a significant decrease in my appetite, and the main difference has been in my skin - it's gone from blemished and dull to glowing and healthy in literally just a few days.

Don't be put off by the acid green colour of the powder - it literally does just taste like strong green tea”


* * * * * by Dianne Owen • 10th October 2011

“Previously heard of Matcha from magazies that was very costly, but after tasting Teapigs products I knew it was worth the gamble! It looks green and awful but if you down it in one there is no after taste (in fact you crave more!), but I stick to 1 a day so it lasts a month and I look and feel a lot better for it :D”


* * * * * by • 5th July 2011

“I have just got my seventh friend into this amazing product.I feel so fantastic from drinking it for the last eight weeks that they all wanted to know how!!! When I told them what I was drinking they all wanted to try It now they are hooked.I have also lost nearly 1 stone from when I started drinking this product not bad going in eight weeks.”

Great start to the day

* * * * * by • 4th July 2011

“It's made my family think I'm little mad starting each day with a green milk froth :) but what a difference it's making. It's July - last week of the school term & the last couple of weeks have been crazy! - usually I'm on my last legs. But have been drinking my green latte each morning & my energy levels are definitely better. It's not a caffeine buzz that is great when you first drink your fresh coffee ... and then feel like you need another 2 hours later. It's a natural, feel good feeling & de-fogs my brain. Will be back for more when my pot starts to run out :O)”


* * * * * by • 15th June 2011

“Had my first shot of matcha and its fantastic, energized for the day. I haven't had the tried heavy feeling after lunch, still on the go....matcha will be an everyday enjoyment.”


* * * * * by • 2nd May 2011

“A daily shot of Matcha Green tea makes all the difference to losing/maintaining weight loss. A low glycemic load eating regime and a small amount of daily exercise works well - but the addition of Matcha really gets the weight moving.”

I almost don't want to promote this amazing tea........

* * * * * by • 18th April 2011

“Because it is SO AMAZING I am frightened to tell anyone because then they will buy it, tell their friends who will then buy it and then Teapigs will run out and I won't be able to get it anymore!!!!!!!!!!! People are commenting on pictures of me asking why all of a sudden I look so good, how have I lost weight etc etc!
My skin has transformed to this fresh looking, clear, smooth wonderment in total contrast to its former self BM (Before Matcha!!!) I am clear headed, calmer in the morning, not eating as much (one of my favourite past times BM was sticking my head in the fridge to see what I could eat.....not so now!) and I just feel in general a happier person.... I also find it works wonders for when one has overdone it on the old alcohol! I had a hangover threatening to make an appearance last week and it was banished to the depths of beyond once I had taken my shot!!! I ordered the kit which I would recommend to anyone, I tried to mix it using a teaspoon the other day and it really didn't work at all!!!! I love love love this stuff, love this website and love my new and improved life thanks to Matcha...... It will seriously change your life, order it immediately...”


* * * * * by • 11th April 2011

“I said I would come back and talk about Matcha again if I was converted. Well here I am, I stuck with it. I am on my 2nd tin (I found a supplier near to home) and have just ordered 2 more today. I still wouldn't drink it as a shot, but I have it as part of my soya fruit smoothie each morning (soya milk + soya yoghurt + oat bran + frozen berries + super power matcha - all whizzed up in my blender). I really noticed the difference when I was away for a week and had no access to my smoothies... I felt sluggish, and I felt dreary. I have become an addict to matcha and have also found a palatable way of drinking it too - score! I am really pleased I persevered. I am also in the middle of a health overhaul at the moment too (lost 2.5 stone so far, another 3 to go) and although I wouldn't attribute that to matcha (it's been the old eat less and exercise more sensible approach) I do find my matcha smoothie really gets me going and energetic first thing, and keeps me full until lunch. A cup of tea + toast never managed that. Thanks Teapigs - I continue to spread the word!”

Matcha in a Nut shake recipe

* * * * * by • 9th April 2011

“Being a Raw Food Coach and chef, constantly coming up with various new recipes, I am absolutely loving experimenting with the teapigs Matcha and the variety of uses it has. Not to mention how pure and consistent it makes my energy levels all throughout the day. I wanted to share one of my favourite Matcha recipes with everyone else too. Enjoy...”

Good and Green

* * * * * by • 22nd February 2011

“I have been drinking (swallowing) the powerful powder for about three weeks now.I bung it in my cholesterol-lowering drink vial and give it a quick shake before drinking down. I think it helps the afternoon energy levels and reduces the amount I want to eat.
I am hoping the new regime will help reduce the tyre round the middle!
I think it is worth the money for the anti-oxidant values alone and should help to stave off AMD in later life. Thanks Tea Pigs!”

The best tea ever!

* * * * * by • 31st January 2011

“I tried matcha tea after reading about its energy boosting effects and I have to report that it is true! I have crohns disease and had started to suffer terrible energy slumps in the afternoon, particulary after eating. It was so bad sometimes I thought I would have to leave work. After drinking Matcha in the morning for a week I started to feel so much better. I can now wake up in the morning and be alert whereas before I was quite literally a zombie and I can now go for a whole day and not feel sleepy in the slightest untill bedtime. I cant recommend this product enough. I drink it as a cup of tea as trying to mix it in the lovely shot glass made quite a mess!
Thankyou teapigs for making this wonderful tea available!”

Thank you teapigs!

* * * * * by • 26th January 2011

“Having discovered almost by accident that drinking green tea seemend to ease my headaches, my wonderful boyfriend brought me some green tea temples, which are so much better than anything I have found in the shop! So, when teapigs emailed me a promotion for matcha green tea, I just had to try it. I was quite confident having felt first hand the benefits of drinking green tea that this bright green powder would be good .. but nothing could have prepared me for the instant boost after my first glass. Driving to work feeling calm, clear headed and energized on a Monday morning, was simply the best feeling I have ever had. I've only been taking this incredible drink for 3 days and I am very excited to see the long term benefits. I cannot recommend this too highly!”

i love organic matcha!!

* * * * * by • 20th January 2011

“I buy this every month!! i first tried it just as a shot on a morning and it totally put me off(it tasted, well, powdery green is all i can say), but then, i started adding it to orange juice, and for the past 6 months i have been having it as a morning smoothie.....banana, ice, very small bit of orange juice, put it in the blender and then as its whizzing around, add the 1/4 teaspoon of matcha. I used to add the matcha at the beginning but a lot of the powder was wasted so i now add it as it is mixing. It tastes lush! If you really dont like the taste of it, just make your own smoothie on a morning, just remember to add the ice as the blender makes it warm...hope this has helped you lot who dont like the taste!! thanks tea obsessed!!! (and thanks for the 20% off this month...the usual place that i get it, it wasn't in stock, and now also costing £29 there...gutted. cheers!!!)”

Matcha Madness

* * * * * by • 18th January 2011

“This stuff really works. I am a diabetic and have trouble feeling tired alot of the time. I tried Matcha, not thinking that it would work but at least hopeful, it has given me more energy and is also helping me to control my weight.

Nicer than some claim

* * * * * by • 17th January 2011

“We're enjoying our Matcha as part of our morning 'healthy stuff' intake. We've also found it quite easy to mix if you start with a paste, like hot chocolate, it's easier even than the wizzy thing.”

oh my god

* * * * * by • 22nd December 2010

“So i thought I'd splash out and bought a kit of these things. It's absolutely amazing, re-energises you, kills your hunger and makes you feel really alert and active. Because of the increase in metabolism it also makes you lose weight, and feel a lot more like exercising, and feel a lot less drained when you do. It's amazing, a miracle for anybody who lacks motivation.


There's Nothing To Match(a) The Matcha

* * * * * by • 30th October 2010

“I treated myself to some of this amazing stuff recently and am so terribly glad I did. Within 20mins of having a wee shot of it in apple juice, I feel alert, awake and calm. It keeps my hunger in check (I overeat like no one's business) and as someone mentioned earlier it's a great internal cleanser.

You can literally feel the difference if you don't use it, I swear. I feel sluggish and leaden without it.

I very rarely write reviews but felt pushed to do so. It's outstanding.”

Its Brilliant

* * * * * by • 10th August 2010

“I havent been using matcha for long but I have seen a massive difference. I have more energy through out the day and my clothes seem to be looser too.
Great stuff am now buying more!”

Macha green tea

* * * * * by • 27th July 2010

“Now on my second pot of this wonderful stuff !! First one lasted me about 5 weeks & now I wouldnt be without it for sure !
I have M.E (chronic fatigue syndrome) and Fibromyalgia and have noticed a definate increase in energy especially first thing in the morning after taking it . I notice it also acts as a great internal cleanser and as someone who also suffers with IBS this is important for me too . It has an effect on my mood and although it doesnt last all day , it certainly helps me cope with my ME symptoms much better . As others have said , the shot glass is not that useful as its difficult to mix in the glass without spilling it or getting splattered with green drops !! Not a good look !!
Never the less I dont think I will give this great product up -eeven though its costly , its my life saver right now . Definately recommended !!”

matcha green tea

* * * * * by • 15th July 2010

“LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff..... keeps me sane on the tube in the morning - gone are the days of shoving on and being in a huff cos someone deigns to stand within a cm of me! Wasnt sure it would actually work but if I don't really notice a difference anywhere else - it definitely improved that morning journey! And... I havent had a summer cold this year - coincidence?”

matcha - I love you!

* * * * * by • 29th June 2010

“ok, so maybe it's expensive.. but having real matcha is such a treat (I've only ever had the sweetened version before that the Japanese tend to use more for baking and desserts). my only issue is the shot glass / milk frother combo - I can never get the amount right and it always ends up going everywhere! instead, I make a bigger drink so I can enjoy the flavour of the tea more! I've noticed I have more energy and a spring in my step thanks to this bright green powder that looks more like paint.. thanks teapigs!”

Part of my fight against cancer

* * * * * by • 7th June 2010

“I have been diagnosed with inoperable breast cancer and last year had 6 mths of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiotherapy which left me feeling very tired and lacking in energy. I found it hard to believe - being sceptical by nature - but my energy levels have improved dramatically since drinking Matcha green tea. I hope the high levels of antioxidants also help me keep 'the beast at bay'. Thank you for supplying the amazing Matcha!”

Do not under estimate the power of Matcha

* * * * * by • 26th May 2010

“Started on this stuff about 3 weeks ago. Matcha keeps me alert all day with none of the jitters / headaches of coffee. I've given up coffee. Its a bit of an acquired taste but ok chugged down in some hot water. Matcha kit is essential to make sure all of it gets dissolved. Nice one Teapigs! P.S. If you're miserly with the quarter teaspoon measures you can stretch it out beyond a months supply! :)”


* * * * * by • 19th May 2010

“Have been drinking matcha for a few weeks now and I can thoroughly recommend it! I take it in a shot glass first thing in the morning mixed with some orange juice.Without trying to,I have lost a few pounds and feel more energised.Worth the money to me!!!! Well done teapig people for bringing it to us!”

5 star

* * * * * by • 4th May 2010

“I was surprised, not to say a little shocked, at the price of matcha when I first read about it. However, when I read that the cost was in fact £0.83 per cup, compared with what I would quite cheerfully pay for a cup of coffee and a Danish, I decided to give matcha a try.

Well, the effect was almost immediate, and has continued over the last several months. I feel fitter, with my entire body stronger and healthier than I remember in a long time. When I tell you that I am eighty five years old, you will understand that I am not just some crazy person who runs after the latest fad.

My wife has just had an operation for malignant melanoma. Thankfully, all is well after an operation to remove it. However, a senior nurse at the hospital told us that green tea is good for you, which is how I came to find matcha.

In our case, good news has come out of bad.

I cannot recommend matcha too highly.


OMG you gotta try this stuff mister, you just gotta!

* * * * * by • 2nd May 2010

“I'm just about to order my 3rd little pot of this green magic - so far I've noticed that it's helped me start to shift some of those hard to loose last few pounds (with exercise of course) and I no longer get that afternoon shlumpiness. I'm far more alert during the day without the 'nnnnggghhhh' feeling of tension that caffeine can give. It's a firm part of my daily breakfast routine plus I've found the perfect way to take it - simply add the desired amount to a little bottle of drinking yoghurt, pop the lid back on, shake like crazy and drink (I use a cheap own brand cholesterel lowering one for added health benefits). If you don't like the taste of Matcha go for a flavoured yoghurt drink and you can hardly taste the difference.Like I said - it's magic. TRY IT! :-) Lisa from Worthing, West Sussex.”

Matcha Convert

* * * * * by • 14th April 2010

“I purchased Matcha Tea about 2 months ago, despite my doubts on the fabulous claims made on this website. I now drink it every morning at work- prepared either as a tea or as my favourite-a creamy Matcha latte with a bit of brown sugar.

Now, I've been on a bit of a junk food binge the last few weeks (Easter, know how it is) and I haven't been working out. But just the other day, one of my colleagues asked me what diet I had done as I had lost a lot of weight--my face looked more chiselled! I was a bit perplexed but concluded it was thanks to the Matcha.

I'm not saying you're going to lose all that extra weight if you start drinking Matcha, but I am saying it helps! I'm slowly weening myself off my espresso addicition and switching to Matcha Tea. Won't go without it now that I've discovered its benefits!”

Good things come in little pots...

* * * * * by • 8th April 2010

“The super heros of tea! Didn't look too pleasant mixed, but a shot of this on a morning really sets you up for the day - after about a week I noticed the benefits, especially if i didn't take it one day. As they saying goes - you don't know what you've got till it's gone... My husband is converted too! Well worth giving it a go - you won't be disappointed.”


* * * * * by • 2nd April 2010

“I have never really taken to green tea but have tried to force myself to drink it!
The idea of taking it daily as a shot was very appealing so I decided to buy it, especially with the 20% discount!!
I cant say I like the taste but mixed with apple juice I can certainly manage to drink it every morning!!
I am trying to diet and have noticed that my appetite appears to have definitely decreased over the last few days!!
Placebo affect??? Mind over matter?? Who knows....but I am going to keep going with it!!”


* * * * * by • 2nd April 2010

“top marks.say no more”

Green rocket fuel

* * * * * by • 25th March 2010

“I've been using Matcha for a couple of months now, and overall I've been impressed by the results. I drink it as a daily shot, with a quarter teaspoon of matcha dropped into a small gulp of fresh orange juice - I'm not a fan of normal green tea so I wasn't sure I'd like the taste but it's actually quite pleasant, in the shot it tastes a little like blood orange juice. It turns the juice a dark green spinach colour, so you really do feel like you're drinking something very healthy. Use a milk frother to mix it though, dissolves the tea much more easily than by hand.

Although some of the effect might be psychological, I do feel I've gained more energy and alertness from it, and the metabolism boost from taking it 1-2 hours before doing exercise does seem to multiply this. Seems quite an expensive product at first but each tin lasts quite a while and I'm pretty convinced it's worth it.”

Macho Matcha man

* * * * * by • 8th March 2010

“After much deliberating bout whether 2 buy ths tea or not (due 2 never havin tried it b4 n it being quite a pricy tea!) I decided tht if th standards of all of th other teapigs wer anythin to go by thn it would be foolish of me not 2 try th matcha green tea! All I can say is tht I'm extremely glad tht I made th decision 2 purchase sum of ths wonderfully healthy, tasty and energising tea! Double thumbs up 2 teapigs 4 nailin it again n again!!!!”

A Cynic is Converted

* * * * * by • 27th January 2010

“I read the 'hype' and moved on. Then saw the discount code and thought I would try Matcha.

It really is extraordinary stuff. The tin is miniscule and I had to double check when it arrived I'd got the right thing.

I've taken my Matcha shot each morning and within a less than a week I have more energy. The afternoon slump has stopped happening.

I shall come back and report further once I have been using the product for longer but I have to acknowledge that what I considered to be 'hype' appears to be just good product description.”

Susan (london)

* * * * * by • 25th January 2010

“I met the tea pig team at the Diet and fitness show at Olympia yesterday, really impresssed with the taste of this Green tea and have spent loads of money trying to find the right one, this is definately it. Tastes great with apple juice, i felt energised, 'really' and I teach exercise, so really helps my energy levels and concentration.”

matcha rocks!

* * * * * by • 11th January 2010

“I really just got this for the anti-oxidant health boost but my jeans started getting looser after about a week and a half. I have a terrible metabolism and have to eat well and work out a lot just to stay normal, so I couldn't believe it. It has definitely boosted my metabolism and improved concentration levels. I love it am converting everyone I know, I think i'm converted for life (p.s. you should be paying me commission teapigs, i've converted about 8 people already). Thanks for providing such a great product!”

Matcha Green Tea

* * * * * by • 1st December 2009

“This wonderful tea mixed with morning orange juice sets me up for the day, and for an extra lift in the afternoon to help with the gardening I mix it with cranberry juice, it's great I wish I had known about it earlier.”

Designated drivers should get this!

* * * * * by • 21st August 2009

“I LOVE matcha! I went to a one day festival near where we live last weekend and agreed I'd drive back us all home at the end of the night. I took a big bottle of orange juice and matcha and sipped on that throughout the day. I out-danced everyone and still felt alert enough at the end of the day to have no worries about driving. Also having an interesting alternative to alcohol made me feel less of a party pooper! A lot of people wanted to know what this strange green concoction was and everyone that overcame their trepidation really liked it.”

Excellent energiser!

* * * * * by • 8th January 2009

“I have just about finished my first pot of matcha - which I purchased a long time ago but never got around to trying. I'm impressed enough to order another as I don't want to be without! I wondered at first if it was a 'mind over matter' thing that I felt more alert after my daily dose, but having forgotten to take it over Christmas whilst the fridge was too crammed full to see the little pot on the shelf, I soon realised that this stuff does work! I also believe that it has had a positive effect on my metabolism, as I have been dieting for the past few months and the weight has been dropping a little faster since I started guzzling the green stuff!
I take it whizzed up with a battery mini-whisk, in a little milk. It makes a nice creamy 'shot' and tastes just like strong tea to me! Try it for yourself!”

Matcha Green Tea

* * * * * by • 10th December 2008

“This stuff is amazing I have it every morning mixed with orange juice or grapefruit it gives a real lift and makes you feel energised throughout the day I am just stocking up with another two pots for the winter season”

Wow I love it!

* * * * * by • 15th October 2008

“I am a big fan of tea pigs anyway so after reading about Matcha super green from one of their newsletters I knew I had to give it a try. Due to having no energy and feeling low, I was looking out for something to give me a boost and wow did I find it! Dont let the smell put you off, I was worried at first but now I love it I add more water so I can sip it and enjoy it for longer. It has a creamy, heady relaxing aroma which tastes dreamy. I am about to order another tub as I do not want to run out. Try it you wont be dissapointed.”

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