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by our founders, nick and lou

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Teapigs Say

We love tea so much we wrote a book about it! It's not like any tea book you might have seen before - it's filled with super photography and fun infographics that will tell you anything you wanted to know about where tea comes from where it's grown - and the people behind the scenes - to what makes the best tea; from following the journey of a tea leaf (growing, plucking, processing and ultimately, brewing your own cuppa) to exploring the many cultures and ways of drinking tea all over the world. A little history, some tea etiquette - not forgetting the custom of dunking biscuits! Then of course, there are the simple and unbreakable rules of how to make the perfect cuppa. Last but not least, there's a super selection of recipes so you'll be able to find something yummy to make or bake, both sweet and savoury, or even learn how to mix your own tea cocktails. Plus you can choose a pack of 15 tea temples to go with the book. A great prezzie for any tea nut.

Product Details

  • 218 x 278
  • 208 pages

what's inside this bundle?

  • 1 x 15's pack of tea
  • 1 x the tea book

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